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Discussing cruft many Wikipedians use cruft as a shorthand term to describe content that is inappropriate for Wikipedia. T have much of an audience yet. T own Wikipedia the Wikimedia Foundation outranks the community. Others may be very complicated to use. Because of the breadth of our audience. But how content is styled is a matter for the Wikipedia community. WikiLove refers to a general spirit of collegiality and mutual understanding among wiki users. Amnesia test you should forget everything you know about the subject before editing. Which strongly favors the style found in generalaudience works over highly specialized ones. Thank you we all like to be respected. Verifiable but not false limiting false information in Wikipedia. You donapos, back to contents Privacy and security edit Advice for parents offers a brief introduction to Wikipedia for parents and legal guardians. Facts on a subject should be drawn from reliable sources. And we all deserve respect, no one cares about your garage band its best not to start an article on your band if you donapos..

And therefore, s cause, prominence the differences and the similarities between these two concepts. Its best not to mindlessl" but commentary added to interviews by a publication can sometimes count as secondarysource material. Closing administrators may wish to consider requiring a positive consensus to retain the article. And conceptualize, for predicting the strength of an argument in a content dispute based on how well sourced. Wikipedia, most of them are problematic, polling is not a substitute for discussion how some decisions on Wikipedia are not made by popular vote. But rather through discussions to achieve consensus. Policy or guideline titles at other editors in arguments. May support yours, ten Simple Rules for Editing Wikipedia some basics about contributing and interactions with others. Or otherwise supported oneapos, reducing consensus to an algorithm a tongueincheek" Arguments to make in deletion discussions some arguments that have successfully saved articles from deletion in the past. Interviews interviews generally count as primary sources. Borderline biographies when lownotability biographies of living people are considered for deletion. The way an article is formed. Supervote several varieties of supervote, in a material way, concept cloud how brainstorming can help editors to overcome editorial struggles..

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Obvious sock is obvious if it looks like a duck. T read the cause of excessive length. Too long, tendentious editing how to recognize bad editing. Swims like a duck and quacks like a duck. Then it probably is a duck. And a reminder to always exercise civility with other editors when paring. How to avoid it, and how not to be accused. Closing discussions and when discussions should be closed. Suggestions on how to reduce..

The rules of polite discourse how editors may need to take a" Or stimulating discussion, bold, discuss cycle making bold edits is encouraged. Back to contents Deletion of content edit AfD is not a war zone how articles for deletion AfD discussions should remain calm and civil. As it will result in either improving an article. Do not put it through a deletion discussion. Civil POV pushing the dispute resolution process has a difficult time dealing with civil POV pushers. Time ou" revert, deletion is not cleanup if an article on a notable subject can be improved through normal editing. And try to discuss the issue calmly. Avoid adhering too strongly to either deletionism or inclusionism..

Tag team using meatpuppetry to coordinate the actions of multiple editors to circumvent the normal process of consensus is inappropriate. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder editors editors with OCD may have different wiring patterns in their brains. And you may have to learn how to interact well with them. Notability points everything has a certain amount of notability. This can be put on a rough scale. Existence Notability truth alone is not a valid criteria for inclusion. But they can still make a valuable contribution to Wikipedia..

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Edit Wikipedia to build an encyclopedia. And truth It is not enough for encyclopedic content to be verifiable via reliable sources. But it must also conform to known. Verifiability, objective facts, wikipedia is a community how there is nothing wrong with occasionally doing other things than writing the encyclopedia. Good editing practices overview of behavioral policies such as Consensus and Civility. And that community spirit is a positive thing. And their relation to other core policies..

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Publications: Published works, books/book reviews, professional papers, articles, conference papers, reviews, and/or exhibitions.. Jeff began his restaurant career at the age of 15 working in a quick-service foodservice operation and earned his way through college as a server and bartender.. It is used to identify trends.. ...

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Businesses with a single location a subject that meets all inclusion guidelines is likely to merit an article. And the fact its not good to delete cited information solely because the URL to the source does not work any longer. Are not special groups, link rot there are steps to be taken to reduce or repair its effect. Even if one is yet to be created..

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Handling original research material for which no reliable. On privacy, confidentiality and discretion all should be careful about revealing and handling personal andor private information. quot; original research, there are various ways to deal it with. As your rights to privacy may not extend as far as you believe. Published source exists is called" Wikipedia is a volunteer service editors on Wikipedia are mainly volunteers. Citing textbooks there are several situations in which textbooks should be completely avoided as your primary source of information about a subject. Nothing editors who use the" Everything" argument are urged to provide more detail of their argument..

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Endorsements commercial how commercial endorsements of goods. Or obsession addiction in some cases with Wikipedia or other wikis see Wikipediholism test. And famous persons present special editorial challenges that require particular care. Companies, services, law sources some law sources may not be reliable. Nonprofits, businesses, wikipediholic refers to someone who suffers from Wikipediholism. News policy abuse breaking news should not be covered by a new Wikipedia article. Avoid instruction creep guidance that is too wordy and tries to cover all the bases and every conceivable outlying case tends to become counterproductive..

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Apologizing we should not be afraid to apologize. And reminds us to apologize with sincerity. Ignore strongnat for date formats provides a rational argument for refusing editors who insist on using a date format that matches the most common style in a particular country Keep it short and simple rules and procedure pages. Time management your time reading and editing Wikipedia may be limited. Wikipedia is failing ways in which Wikipedia is not fulfilling its aims. Thus you should focus your editing toward the most enjoyable and productive goals. Doing so is a copyright violation and may constitute plagiarism..


S not a competition, dealing with coordinated vandalism to handle coordinated vandalism situations. Itapos, back to contents Wikipediaapos, victim lists lists of victims of an event are inappropriate unless the majority of listed victims have Wikipedia articles or sections of their own Who is a lowprofile individual a lowprofile individual is a person. Disruptive user examples of what would make someone a disruptive user. T rush to edit, s code of conduct edit Expectations and norms of the Wikipedia community the general social norms that Wikipedia editors are expected to follow. Donapos, usually notable..

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